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Don Jose Abadi opened the doors of La Fortuna in 1951, with the aim of bringing a new concept to Panama. The pleasure of bespoke tailoring. Since then we, following his legacy have dedicated ourselves to continue and fulfill his dream.  Here we will do for you, if you give us the opportunity, a unique and exclusive garment with the finest fabrics in the world. Our tailors and staff are exceptionally trained to help you get from the most classic to the most modern garment. We guarantee the best workmanship and comfort possible.

For more than six decades, we have dressed in our exclusive outfits to the most select, connoted and demanding of both Panamanian society and foreign residents in our isthmus and the tourists who visit us.


Today we do the same as yesterday, but with renewed efforts and a consolidated experience of dressing our customers with the best suits. All this strengthened with the best fabric offers in the world.


La Fortuna, the home of "El Sastre de Panamá", has achieved its local and international reputation under the auspices of Don José Abadi, Founder and Director of the company, his heir, Ariel Abadi, currently Co-Manager and Director Of the Company and the third generation Jose Abadi, Co-manager and VP of sales.


"A tailor-made suit is the best gift a man makes to himself.” 

Esquire magazine





We have a select team of tailors who have knowledge and experience, inherited from their predecessors, who with excellence knew how to capture the secrets of the great masters of this art.


A professional tailor makes the client have a unique and exclusive garment. The client must convey to the tailor how he wants the garment, and the tailor must advise him with his choice. This is achieved with notches or tests (one or more, depending on the garment).


Our tailors, true artists, create a work of art for you. A well made suit is a three-dimensional garment, made from materials, which are mostly two-dimensional.

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